Bryan started DJing at the age of 15 after attending his first rave and falling in love with the culture. He always had an interest in music, but this was the first time he was driven to learn how to create his own music. He finished his high school years playing house parties as often as he could.

After a stint with the United States Marine Corps, Bryan came back to New England in 2000 and held a residency in Nashua NH. After about 6 months of being home, his mother had passed away from a hard fought battle with cancer. Though devastating, this forced him into analyzing his life. He wanted more. He wanted to pursue a career in music and knew his mother would want the same.

Bryan sat down with his father to have the discussion of whether or not to attend audio school. His father was the driving force in his decision to attend and follow his dreams.

Bryan applied and was accepted to Ai New England, where he earned an associates in Science for audio production in 2003. He proceeded to intern at studios around the Boston Area until he accepted a job at MOTU, where he supported products used by a large customer base.

Unfortunately, two years after his mother passed, Bryan lost his father to cancer as well. Again devastated, he felt lost in grief, but life goes on and Bryan was motivated to honor his father’s unwavering support of his life’s passion. He moved to California in the fall of 2004.

Settling in San Diego, Bryan held a day job and spent every spare cent building his own studio. He finished two full length solo albums after years of writing in 2007 and 2009.  He also joined a local band, The Predicates, who recorded two full lengths in Bryan’s studio. Bryan also mixed and mastered the albums. The Predicates played many well-known venues in San Diego and were nominated for a local award (San Diego Music Awards) for Best Pop Band.

After the band split due to artistic differences, Bryan released his 3rd LP, which was a double disc called Eastsliderz filled with local collaborations. On the heels of this album, he opened his first commercial studio in El Cajon, CA.

DFAB Studios remained open from 2011-2015. During this time Bryan established himself as one of the premier spots for hip hop artists. He had the opportunity to work with may talented local artists, including Stephany Negrete who competed on American Idol.

In 2015, the studio closed, and Bryan moved back to New England. He experimented with online mixing, even launching a website called The Mix Coalition which saw moderate success. He decided to take a hiatus from the studio world and accepted a job at EAW in 2016 (where he still works full time).

In 2019, Bryan rediscovered his love for writing and mixing his own music projects and started to release Drum & Bass and Hip Hop collaborations that had lived in his brain for years. He started to release a DJ mix a month on his Mixcloud account and is dedicated to putting on quality music on a regular basis.

Bryan continues to dedicate his music to his mother, his father, and his younger brother Stephen. All left this world too early but supported him through all the good times and hard times.


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